If there are facts then there are also myths.

Domino, Poker and Online Casino Myths

Myths if left alone can lead to misinformation which then leads to the propagation of various misconceptions. This can be applied to many things including online casinos. In fact, many view casinos, online or not, from a negative point of view. Many will assume that those who frequent these establishments or those who spend some time playing games at online casinos are hardcore gamblers or gambling addicts. This is not entirely true because a good number of these players are just there to have fun.

Online casino games such as poker, domino, craps, and slot machines tend to have a huge following. However, despite its popularity, there are still numerous myths surrounding online casino games.



Here are some examples:

Online casinos are 100% illegal. It is not 100% illegal. Depending on your location, the rules and regulations may vary. Read up on these policies based on where you are located before you engage in any form of online casino games.

Online casino games are set up in advance. The popular term is rigged. Since there is no face to face interaction with the dealer many believe that the games are set-up in favor of the house. It may seem rigged, but many players use the game history to improve their chances of winning. Besides, rigging will result in bad press and online casinos do not want bad press making their image.

You can card count online. This is impossible because the system automatically shuffles the card at every hand, every time.
If you win, online casinos often end up not paying you. Like everything else, there are some online casinos who do shady business. This is where due diligence comes in. Therefore, before placing your bet make sure that the online casino you are signed in to is reputable.

You need to bet a lot of money in order to play. There are actually games that you can try for free. There are also games that only require a minimum amount for betting. The point is, choose the game you can afford.

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